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Danielle Mead,  LMFT

Family Therapist

I provide individual, family, couples counseling, divorce counseling, and parent training, in North Carolina, Florida, and South Carolina.  My service is offered in a confidential and nurturing environment. I believe that all of us have the necessary skills to work through the problems that life brings. However, sometimes we need support and encouragement from someone trained to assist in these struggles.

I provide many styles of counseling interventions. In each of these approaches, all involved are viewed as an individual, but a systems approach is used to work toward a resolution. It is my philosophy that no one exists in a bubble and in some way we are affected by others. Each person in family counseling is respected and their ideas are honored. The blame game is not played for any of the participants. Counseling is a time for discovery and growth. Every attempt is made to allow each person to meet their goals at a comfortable pace.





Danielle Mead, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

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